The software running this website is available at The software is released in to the public domain.

Set up a local site

By installing this software on your own server, you can set up your own local site - e.g., for your town, community, county, etc.. As of October 2017, the installation process requires experience with server administration and is not very 'user-friendly' - but there are instructions to help you on the development Wiki. You can also ask for help on the forum here or on the development forum at

Reporting bugs

If you encounter bugs or problems on the site, please log in to the development hub, and fill in a bug report. (If you selected a 'Global' account when registering, then you can use the same account details to log in there.) If the options for filing a bug report are too intimidating, post a message on the forum here - or send an e-mail to the site administrator.

Future development

Lastly, the assistance and advice of other software developers is welcome and invited. At the same time, it will not be possible to implement every feature request or tailor the software to everyone's wishes. If you are frustrated with how the software is being developed, you can always download the software, tailor it to your own needs - and install it on your own server.

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